NSI Founder

Professor Jill Aldridge (Director)

Based in the School of Education at Curtin University (Western Australia), Jill has led NSI since it was founded in 2001. Jill is an international leader in the field of learning environments research and has published extensively in this field. Her research has examined the effects, determinants and outcomes of the school and classroom climate in national, international and cross-cultural settings involving a range of research methods. Jill has also worked closely with large numbers of Australian schools, principals and teachers, and has a deep understanding of their needs within the practical school context. Jill’s expertise includes:

  • Developing, validating and using surveys to assess the learning environment
  • Analysing data and developing meaningful, targeted feedback for schools and teachers
  • Effectively leading educational change and professional learning
  • Translating research findings into practicable and meaningful approaches for schools and teachers
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Conducting research and publishing findings in the area of learning environments

Read more about Jill’s work here.

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