Links to the AITSL Professional Standards


The Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) provides Professional Standards for both teachers and principals. Educators are required to engage in ongoing professional development to build their expertise and improve their practice. Evidence of this process and improvement is a requirement for professional certification.

The AITSL Standards are just that – standards – so they do not specify a particular means for teachers or principals to monitor their progress. Teacher self-assessments are available from AITSL and can help teachers with self-evaluation and overall understanding of what the standards entail. However, we know from experience that many educators struggle to provide appropriate evidence (that is more robust than just self-assessments, opinions, or ‘gut feelings’) to support their applications for certification against the Professional Standards.


Concrete data The data provided through the NSI surveys can help teachers and principals to address the Australian Professional Standards and provide evidence for certification. In fact, the first teacher in Australia to be recognised as a lead teacher drew heavily on NSI data in his application! Our surveys gather data from students – the major stakeholders in the education process – as well as from teachers and parents. Our customised feedback packages present this data in accessible, meaningful formats suitable for incorporation in certification evidence.

Evidence of improvement The NSI collaborative inquiry process involves collecting multiple rounds of data – annually for the school-level surveys (WHITS, SOCS, PCS) and after shorter time periods (such as 6-10 weeks) for the classroom-level CCQ. These multiple rounds of data allow improvement to be tracked over time, supporting educators’ progression against the career or leadership stage profiles in the AITSL Professional Standards.

Alignment to AITSL StandardsWe have mapped how the individual components of our surveys link to the AITSL Professional Standards for teachers and principals. In addition, educators’ overall involvement with the NSI process itself aligns with the requirements of the standards.

Measurable improvements over time

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