Professional Standards for Principals

Professional Standards for Principals

Schools’ work with our three school-level surveys (the SOCS, WHITS and PaCS) can be used to address the AITSL Professional Standard for Principals. The feedback from these surveys can provide evidence of the principal’s engagement with the standards and/or can provide a framework for addressing the five Professional Practices defined within the Standard.

The overall process of working with NSI Partnerships provides evidence that Principals are:

  • Leading teaching and learning – by pro-actively monitoring and seeking to improve the school climate, which is known to influence teaching and learning
  • Developing self and others – by participating with other staff as a co-learner in a school-level action research and reflection process, and by having teaching staff engage in a similar process for their own classroom practice
  • Leading improvement, innovation and change – by providing a structured and guided process for the school and for individual teachers to enable ongoing improvement (and the documentation of that improvement)
  • Leading the management of the school – by monitoring the safety and effectiveness of the school climate using information from key stakeholders, and working strategically to improve the school climate over time
  • Engaging and working with the community – by regularly collecting data from key stakeholders – students, teachers and parents / caregivers and monitoring key community-related outcomes such as the school’s effectiveness in affirming diversity, communicating with stakeholders, and promoting student wellbeing and other positive outcomes.

In addition to the above, the table below maps how the specific scales of our three school-level surveys relate to the AITSL Professional Standard for Principals.

Measurable improvements over time

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