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The surveys developed for the Effective School Improvement programme have all undergone a rigorous validation process and capture different stakeholders’ perceptions of the school environment. Our student and staff surveys are unique in the way they capture both actual (current) and preferred (ideal) perceptions of the school and classroom climates. Our surveys can be used for needs analysis, to monitor improvement efforts and to bring about positive change.


Classroom Climate Questionnaire (CCQ)

The Classroom Climate Questionnaire (CCQ) captures student perceptions of the classroom-level learning environment. It is administered to students in one class selected by the teacher. The survey provides invaluable insight into how students perceive their learning environment as well as their levels of motivation and engagement. Based on the pre-test CCQ responses, the teacher is provided with a detailed, customised feedback package. This feedback is used to inform a 6-10 week intervention of the teacher’s choosing, engaging the teacher in driving their own professional learning and enhancing their students’ outcomes. Post-test feedback then captures the impact of the teacher’s intervention, providing an objective evaluation of its effectiveness. Separate versions of the CCQ are available for use at lower primary, upper primary and high school levels.

Learn more about the CCQ here.

What’s Happening in this School? (WHITS) Survey

A positive socio-emotional school climate is integral to students’ academic, emotional and behavioural success at school. The What’s Happening In This School? (WHITS) survey captures student perceptions of this school-level climate. It also collects data on important protective factors such as student resilience, wellbeing, and moral identity, as well as on key risk factors such as bullying and disruptive behaviour. The WHITS is administered to all students (or a representative sample) and a detailed package is provided, allowing staff to identify areas of strength and areas for development school-wide. Because school-wide interventions tend to take longer than classroom-level interventions, the WHITS is re-administered annually. Separate versions of the WHITS are available for use at both the primary school and high school levels

Learn more about the WHITS here.

School Organisational Climate Survey (SOCS)

The School Organisational Climate Survey (SOCS) complements the WHITS survey by examining teacher perception of their schools’ organisational climate, which in turn, can be used to inform and guide improvement efforts. The organisational climate influences student outcomes as well as a range of teacher outcomes, such as: job satisfaction; occupational stress; morale; and commitment to the organisation. Like the WHITS, the SOCS is administered school-wide (or to a representative sample of teachers) and a detailed feedback package is provided to school leaders to inform goal setting and school-wide improvement efforts. The SOCS is re-administered annually.

Learn more about the SOCS here.

Parent and Caregiver Survey (PaCS)

The Parent and Caregiver Survey is a paper-based survey that collects parents’ and caregivers’ perceptions of key aspects of the school climate. Parents and caregivers contribute their perspectives on their children’s experiences at school (for example, whether they feel their child/ren are supported by teachers or are making satisfactory progress). The PaCS also gathers information about how parents and caregivers feel the school treats and interacts with them (such as the ease of communication and whether parents and caregivers feel included and valued within the school community). This information complements the information collected from students and teachers, allowing the school to construct a comprehensive picture of the school’s strengths and areas for improvement.

Learn more about the PaCS here.

Impact of Teacher Professional Development (ITPD) Questionnaire

The ITPD Questionnaire tracks the stages of impact that should emerge following professional development. The ITPD Questionnaire can be used to examine the impacts of specific professional development (for example, an NSI workshop) or to examine broader programs of teacher learning (for example, teachers’ year-long involvement in a collaborative inquiry group ).

Learn more about the ITPD Questionnaire here.

Coaching Effectiveness Survey

This survey is designed to provide formative feedback to teacher-leaders who are learning to function as coaches within the school. It is completed by teachers who the coach has been working with. The feedback provided is very valuable for teacher-leaders in reflecting on and further developing their coaching skills.

Learn more about the Coaching Effectiveness Survey here.

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