Classroom Climate Questionnaire

Classroom Climate Questionnaire (CCQ)


The Classroom Climate Questionnaire (CCQ) is a comprehensive online survey that can be used by teachers to improve student outcomes through teacher‐driven professional learning. The survey provides invaluable insights into how students perceive their current learning environment, their level of active engagement in learning, and their preferred classroom climate.

The CCQ is administered twice a year (once as a pre‐test and again as a post‐test) to one nominated class per teacher. The pre‐test feedback is used by the individual teacher to guide plans of action aimed at improving the classroom climate, which are implemented using an iterative process of action and reflection. The post‐test data (collected from the same class, usually after 6-10 weeks) provides evidence related to the success of the teachers’ improvement efforts.

The feedback from the CCQ can also be used by groups of teachers (such as year level teams) as part of a collaborative action and improvement process. This can be a powerful a way of building collegiality, sharing ideas and creating a learning organisation.

The scales and survey questions of the CCQ have been modified and validated for use with primary and secondary level students*. Four versions are available:

  • One for use with early childhood students (Years PP-2)
  • One for use with middle primary school students (Years 2-3)
  • One for use with upper primary school students (Years 3‐7)
  • One for use with secondary school students (Years 8-12).

All four versions of the CCQ have the same two parts: (1) scales that examine students’ perceptions of the learning environment, and (2) scales that examine students’ perceptions of their motivation and engagement in learning. The table below describes the individual scales and shows which scales make up each version of the CCQ.



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