Impact of Teacher Professional Development Questionnaire

Impact of Teacher Professional Development (ITPD) Questionnaire


Teachers and school leaders are all-too-familiar with professional development that provides a day out of school but never changes teachers’ thinking or practice – let alone student outcomes. NSI is committed to ensuring that our professional development is not like that, and we want to support schools in reliably but easily monitoring the outcomes of their investment in professional development. That’s why we offer all schools working with NSI FREE access to our research-validated Impact of Teacher Professional Development (ITPD) Questionnaire.

The ITPD Questionnaire tracks the stages of impact that should emerge following professional development. The data it provides lets school leaders identify where the impact process has broken down, and investigate and intervene accordingly. For example, teachers may have enjoyed professional development and learned new things, but for some reason this learning has not translated into changes in their classroom practice. School leaders can talk to teachers to find out why this is, and develop ways to address any issues.

The ITPD Questionnaire can be used to examine the impacts of specific professional development (for example, an NSI workshop on supporting students’ mental health and resilience) or to examine broader programmes of teacher learning (for example, teachers’ year-long involvement in a collaborative inquiry group).

Measurable improvements over time

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