Why National School Improvement Partnerships is used by more than
5000 Australian teachers

Research-validated online surveys

The unique surveys, developed as part of NSI’s Effective School Improvement programme, assess students’, teachers’ and parents’ actual (current) and preferred (ideal) perceptions of the school and classroom climate and track change over time. Unlike most surveys on the market, our surveys are built on an extensive programme of research and have strong, published evidence to support their validity and reliability.

Supported school improvement process

NSI’s Effective School Improvement programme provides innovative professional development and resources that build teacher and leadership expertise. Schools learn in action through our award-winning, cost-effective process. Goals are identified using the detailed, unique feedback from the survey responses, leading to manageable lines of continual growth and improvement.

Alignment with policy requirements

NSI data assists schools with all five reform directions outlined in the Education Act: quality teaching, quality learning, empowered school leadership, meeting students’ needs, and transparency and accountability. NSI data also helps teachers and leaders to document their progress against the Australian Professional Standards.

Evidence-based improvements

Over 5000 teachers from 328 schools have been involved with NSI’s Effective School Improvement programme, with some being involved for more than 15 years. These teachers and schools have experienced the power of NSI’s surveys and school improvement process for generating sustainable change in school culture so that each student, teacher and leader can reach their potential. In schools involved in the Effective School Improvement programme, data use and improvement efforts are no longer fragmented or seen as “add-ons” to the core work of the school. Rather, evidence-based planning and decision-making become integral parts of the makeup of the school; teacher- and organisational-level efforts are coherent and interrelated; and the gains made are sustained over time.

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The programme has been developed based on many years of research in improving the performance of primary and secondary schools in Australia, at the classroom and whole-school level. A practical, evidence-based program of measurement tools and processes, made-up of a series of online surveys, offer an easier way for school leaders and teachers to introduce cultural change that allows each student to achieve their best.


Innovation in Education

Measurable improvements over time

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