Our Research: Providing Solutions and Innovation

Our Research: Reform, Educational Change and School Improvement

Our research has examined factors that hinder and facilitate reform, using school and classroom climate instruments to promote and evaluate school improvement efforts, collaborative action research and teacher action research to promote school improvement. Our research and work focuses on examining factors that affect or promote professional learning outcomes.

Professor Jill Aldridge

Based in the School of Education at Curtin University (Western Australia), Jill has led the research for NSI’s programs since 2001. Jill is an international leader and is published widely in the field of learning environments research. Her research has examined the effects, determinants, and outcomes of the school and classroom climate in national, international and cross-cultural settings involving different research methods. Jill has also worked closely with Australian schools, principals and teachers and understands their needs within the practical school context. Jill’s expertise includes the following:

Our Research: School Climate

Our research has helped refine tools to assess the school climate from the perspectives of parents/caregivers, teachers and students. These tools have examined the relationships between students’ perceptions of the school climate and various outcomes, including life satisfaction, resilience, bullying, delinquent behaviours and ethnic and moral identity. Our research has also examined relationships between teachers’ perceptions of the school climate, job satisfaction and teaching efficacy.

Our Research: Classroom Climate

Our research has led to the development of instruments to assess students’ perceptions of the classroom climate across all levels of schooling. These instruments have examined relationships between the classroom climate and various outcomes, including student motivation and engagement, attitudes toward classes and achievement.

Our Research: Publications

Research Publications

See here for a list of our research publications, including an abstract and a link to the resource.