Why Choose NSI?

Research-validated, targeted surveys

The NSI programme involves a series of surveys that provide a simple and low-cost means for schools and teachers to obtain reliable feedback to inform school improvement. Our surveys provide insight into stakeholders’ views of the classroom and whole-school climate. Student, teacher and parent / caregiver voices are integral to any form of school improvement as they provide real time evidence of how the school is operating and where improvement may be required on a classroom and whole school level. The NSI program can also be used by teachers and administrators to guide professional development.

Our surveys are grounded in decades of research in the field of learning environments and have been statistically validated. A unique feature of several of our surveys is their consideration of both actual (current) and preferred(ideal) characteristics of the school and classroom environments.

Read more about our collection of surveys here.

Guided improvement and capacity-building

NSI uses an award-winning, cost-effective process to guide improvement efforts and bring about sustained change at both school and classroom levels. We provide practical strategies for improvement and a range of professional development opportunities for teachers and school leaders. By building the capacity of school leaders and teachers to develop their own reflective practices using the feedback from the surveys, we equip these staff to take ownership in future improvement efforts. This helps transform the school into a learning organisation – that is, a place “where a ‘learning atmosphere’, ‘learning culture’ or ‘learning climate’ is nurtured, and where ‘learning to learn’ is essential for everyone involved” (OECD, 2016, What makes a school a learning organisation? View the report here).

Read more about how our structured improvement process works for teachers and principals.

Alignment with Australian professional and legislative requirements

NSI’s work with schools aligns closely with the AITSL Professional Standards for both teachers and principals, and provides evidence that staff can use for their certification against these Standards. The first teacher in Australia to be recognised as a Lead Teacher against the AITSL Standards drew heavily on NSI data in his application.

Read more about how our work aligns with the Professional Standards for teachers and principals.

Our services and surveys also directly assist schools with all five reform directions specified under Section 99(2)(a)(i) of the Australian Education Act 2013 (Cth):

Measurable and sustainable school improvement

To date, 328 Australian schools and over 5000 teachers have worked with NSI and our Effective School Improvement programme. These participants have seen tangible improvements at classroom and school levels, resulting in learning environments that facilitate each student reaching his or her potential. Thanks to NSI’s research-based, teacher-driven and manageable improvement process as well as the development of a collaborative improvement culture within the school, the changes made are sustainable over time. Changes can also be clearly documented using the NSI survey data (showing improvement over time) and teachers’ and school leaders’ records of the collaborative improvement process.

Click here to read case studies about real NSI schools’ experiences and achievements.

Measurable improvements over time

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