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National School Improvement Partnerships (NSI)

The National School Improvement Partnership’s (NSI) Effective School Improvement programme is an initiative out of Curtin University, Western Australia. The development of the Effective School Improvement programme has been based on many years of research in improving the performance of primary and secondary schools in Australia, at the classroom and whole-school level. The practical, evidence-based program of measurement tools and processes, made-up of a series of online surveys, offers an easier way for school leaders and teachers to introduce cultural change that allows each student to achieve their best.

Our work centres around aspects of the school and classroom environments, which have been shown to have important influences on a range of educational and psychosocial outcomes. Through working with NSI, teachers and school leaders also build their capacity in the areas of change management, inquiry / action research, coaching, data-driven decision making, professional collaboration, and self-evaluation.

In 2017, NSI received Curtin University’s ‘Curtinnovation’ award for innovation in education, acknowledging our excellence in turning research findings into practical services for schools.

To date, 75 schools (56 high schools and 19 primary schools) and over 2000 teachers have been involved with NSI. Many of these schools continue to work with us over a number of years, with some being involved for more than 10 years. Read case studies of real NSI schools here.

Read case studies of real NSI schools here .

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