School Organisational Climate Survey

School Organisational Climate Survey (SOCS)


A school’s organisational climate is made up of the attitudes and norms that characterise the working environment that staff experience. These norms have powerful influence across the school because of their impact on teachers’ and support staff members’ attitudes and ways of working. For example, the school organisational climate has been shown to influence a range of student outcomes including: levels of absenteeism; academic achievement; personal attitudes; self-concept (that is, students’ perceptions and understandings of themselves); and social emotional learning (how students learn to manage emotions and social interactions). The school organisational climate also influences a range of staff outcomes, such as: job satisfaction; occupational stress; morale; and commitment to the organisation.

Our School Organisational Climate Survey (SOCS) is a rigorously validated, comprehensive online survey informed by theory and research that can be used by school leaders to examine teachers’ perceptions of their school’s organisational climate. The SOCS is administered annually and the feedback is used in a five-step process to inform, guide and monitor improvement efforts.

Two versions of the SOCS are available:

  • One for use with teachers
  • One for use with support staff

The SOCS is made up of two parts: (1) scales that examine aspects of the school organisational climate, and (2) items that measure key staff outcomes such as wellbeing and job satisfaction.

Measurable improvements over time

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