What We Do

Evidence Based Improvements

NSI’s Effective School Improvement programme builds capacity in schools through a process-oriented approach. Our work with schools leads to sustainable change in school culture and improvement in a range of outcomes.

NSI differs from other providers in that we provide an implementation process in which schools learn in action. This makes the process more gradual, requiring less time commitment from teachers and administrators in an already time-poor environment, and building teacher and leadership expertise from within the school environment.

Our work is driven by three major components: our surveys, our professional development and resources, and our collaborative inquiry process for generating change and improvement.


NSI’s unique surveys assess students’, teachers’ and parents’ actual (current) and preferred (ideal) perceptions of the school and classroom climate and track change over time. Unlike most surveys on the market, our surveys are built on an extensive programme of research and have strong, published evidence to support their validity and reliability. Key to the success of our surveys is the way they are integrated into our professional development and our structured improvement process.

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Professional Development

NSI provides in-depth professional development to support and build the capacity of teachers and school leaders. Formal professional development sessions offer time to learn new skills, consider new ideas, and reflect on practice. In-school coaching offers personalised support and guidance at all stages of the improvement process. Comprehensive teacher and principal companion booklets provide theoretical background and practical guidance for the improvement process.

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Collaborative Inquiry Process

NSI uses an award-winning, cost-effective process to guide improvement efforts and bring about sustained change. School staff work in inquiry groups that promote collaboration, reflective conversations, and supportive forms of accountability. Goals are identified using the detailed, unique feedback from the survey responses, leading to manageable lines of continual growth and improvement. Continued engagement with our process supports the development of an improvement culture across the school.

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Measurable improvements over time

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